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The small town of Viotia has great popularity in recent years. The growth of the ski center, the easy access from Athens, Lamia and other Greek cities have made it one of the most favorite places for winter holidays. Having reached in Arachova you will find the cosmopolitan ambiance of the central but you will find out with excitement that the square resist effectively time and growth.

The stone houses steamy chimneys squeezed through the narrow uphill streets and the whole village seems to hang on the slopes of the mountain. At winter mountain Parnassos often shrouded in mist and then the lights of Arachova shine more strongly in the silver light and the image of the village is fabulous!

History of Arachova

img3Arachova is already inhabited by the stone ages. Was one of the major centers in addition to Orchomenus which maintain major importance during the Bronze Ages. During ancient years Arachova was considered as cultural and artistic center of the region! From the 10th BC century, the area of Arachova belonged to "Fokida" and was densely populated, especially in the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman times. Two major cities was located in "the old tower" and in  "the cemetery" and in areas of Parnassos, Panias and and Eleonas. Nowadays Arachova is located in an area situated in the peaks of Mount Parnassos and in  the valley of Pleistou. Arachova is considered as an alley leading to "Delfi" and winter slopes of Parnassos!


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  • The Famous wine of Arachova
  • The Famous "Feta" of Arachova
  • The cheese "formaella Arachovas Parnasou" Guaranteed by EU.
  • The Greek Traditional, delicious deserts like: Almond, Nut, Quince and marmalades
  • At the end, the famous artworks of Arachova like "ta karpita’"

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