Our Guesthouse

Our Guesthouse "xenonas-afanos" is located at the center of Arachova. As a result of this our visitors have access to the square of the village and to all the facilities for shopping by foot in two minutes! Moreover, our facilities include local parking for you! Ηere, was located the mansion of our family, which we have restored and so, we have created a warm, comfortable and friendly environment made by the materials of the mountain, wood and stone. The name of our guesthouse is inspired by the name of the central square of Arachova. The name comes from ancient Greek word  "fanos" and keeps recollections alive of the ancient "frictoria" area over the centuries. Frictoria was system of communication during the ancient Greek civilization and signals was convey in one area to another during the night. This location was appropriate for frictoria since dominate in front of the valley of Apollon and offers an excellent visibility to visitors. Furthermore, prove the perpetuation of Greeks in this area of Parnasos. Our rooms dispose a special character and combine the traditional hospitality with current services.

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